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Everyone has an Opinion

Everyone has an opinion - some helpful, some not so helpful. Some people think they know the answer, some actaully have the answers. Some can prove their opinion by leading by example, while others may know the answer but have not, or cannot, lead by example. The remaining group neither knows the real answer nor can lead by example.

Who Should You Believe?

Leading by example is really as simple as asking money advice from a millionaire, not a homeless person. Is the millionaire always the right person to advise on how to make money? Not if their money was inherited or won.


For example, The people who start with little money and learn how to make an abundance are the best financial advisers.


Is the homeless person always the person to avoid for advice? Mostly, but not always. Some millionaires suffer personal tragedy and let everything in their life go. I've heard of people in very simple circumstances who have made a million in a matter months when it suited them, they had special skills - but they are rare. Simply put - keep an open mind when deciding who is best to provide advice.

Something for Nothing?

When asking an expert do NOT expect them to just give you everything you require. Successful people may;

Meeting the right people through family and friends typically works best. Building a genuine friendship beforehand also provides an honourable and trustworthy relationship where they would be more likely to assist when asked. The successful are typically treated poorly by others for various reasons, so don't be wanting something, be genuine.

Paying for Advice

Paying for advice is the best method because a fair trade takes place. Be aware of those who overcharge or want to sell goods to you on top of the advice. It is a conflict of interest to buy from those who only supply information if you spend a lot more money with them. Naturally this is your choice, just be aware of the pitfalls of confidence tricksters, touts (also known as spruikers or barkers) and the like. Remember the rule of Doing Business on your Terms.

The Genuine Philanthropist

Many people are generous of spirit and wish to help. It is good karma to help, for what is given returns 10-fold to the giver. Those rich in kindness are very happy as the kindness is returned in abundance. The best kind of advice can come from philanthropists who can lead by example with the advice you wish answered.