Do Business On Your Own Terms

Initiating a Business Deal is Safer Than Responding To One

ALWAYS do business on your own terms - you initiate and you approach the other party, because an offer presented to you is risky, and worse, it could be fake. Best not take up someone else’s offer, unless you know them well AND trust them. Take the time to know what you want, know how it works and then go find it yourself. The salesman has to sell to earn a living and sometimes they are unscrupulous, you just never know. If you initiate a deal you are far more likely to have taken the time to do your homework beforehand, and thus you would not be too eager or too scared. Also, if you initiate the deal you are calling the shots and are likely to get a better deal.

Do Not Respond to Fearful Sales Campaigns

Many organisations use fear tactics to sell, I’m sure you have heard them all;

They want you to fear missing out on the deal and your fear increases the odds of you handing over your hard-earned money. Guess what, fear is by far our most powerful emotion and thus easy to tap into. If you sense any fear in your self from their tactics then walk away. It is far safer to go into a deal on your own terms. Do not honour fear and manipulation with your time and hard earned money.

Learn From Other People's Experiences

A lady I once worked with was approached by a real estate agent with a 'great buy'. Sceptically she and her husband perform detailed investigations and all seemed ok. They agreed on a price and handed over the deposit. That same day someone anonymously left a message that not all the land in the backyard was theirs as there was a sewerage easement that was deliberately omitted from the contract. This cut 10% off their land. Understandably they were furious and threatened legal action and got their deposit back. They were lucky because of someone’s honesty but I imagine this was a lucky event as most would not have been so fortunate.