Celebrate Milestones

What is a Milestone?

A milestone is simply a major goal on the road to a solution. Milestones can involve major steps being achieved like buying a property or getting approval for the loan. These are the major tasks that need to be achieved as part of the plan.

Why Celebrate Milestones?

Celebrating enforces kindness to one's self and positively reinforces the self-discipline used to reach the milestone. Often sacrifice is required to meet these goals and that sacrifice can mean hardship and negative feelings. Celebrating washes those bad feelings away allowing you to start with fresh positive feelings to move on to the next milestone. You are recognising the hard work within yourself and moving on. Say to yourself that you are proud of what you have achieved. Ask your inner child if it is happy because over time your inner child rewards you if you respect him or her.


For example, if you are saving for a deposit on a home, celebrate every time you reach a major savings point. Naturally a celebration needs to be modest compared to the goal you are attempting otherwise all the hard work may be undone. Have a nice meal, spend a night out with friends, buy yourself a CD, or something else that suits your fancy.


Nice Dinner


It is negative feelings which prevent us from sticking to a task. What's the point of being miserable and suffering all the time? Life is best when there is a lack of stress, so take care to nurture those good feelings because your goals won't make you content, your efforts to achieve them will and the memory of those successes.