Being Confident

Confidence is knowing that a problem will be overcome when confronting issues come up, and when one knows they have the bravery to push through.

How Confidence Affects Outcomes

Being confident about what is being done allows the task to be performed more effectively. A lack of confidence is doubt and that doubt leads to cautiousness, fear, indecision and generally a lack of effort. There will always be both confidence and doubt in our mind, but the aim is to be confident more often than doubting.


When suffering from doubts be mindful that this is a valid feeling which indicates that something is not quite right. Be thorough and go back through the tasks. Confirm previous and current outcomes against expectations. Also review the task list to ensure that something hasn't been forgotten or new information that has come to light needs to be included.



How to Improve Confidence

Well this whole ebook is about building confidence. The ability to problem solve brings an inner confidence that once learnt cannot be undone. Practice problem solving, start small and grow towards the tasks you really want solved at a comfortable pace. By rushing into complex problems you may actually make your confidence worse if things don't work out as expected. If you have come to this page directly then it would really be beneficial to read the entire ebook from the start.


If the doubt lingers then more research could be required. Find new sources of information, learn how to do new tasks and become comfortable with them before moving on.

Familiarity can be Misleading

If, after a lot of effort there are still doubts, the real source of the doubt could just be due to familiarity. That is, of another unrelated task which seems similar to the task at hand. Lifeforms work on habit and analogy instead of analysing every single problem, so it is possible you may be applying another skill which is not quite solving the problem or completing the task. If the incomplete task seems familiar then maybe another skill would do the trick. Not releasing that the wrong skill is being applied is confusing, frustrating, or at worse can lead to insanity. If you hit a wall then take the time to see if you are relying on old skills and habits and whether a fresh approach is required.


If it is safe to do so then be brave and push on. Once the outcome is achieved self-esteem and self-confidence will grow.