If after performing personal research and asking experts you are still without a solution to the problem there comes a time when experimentation has to be included. Top chefs experiment with their ingredients and cooking methods to come up new dishes that 'wow' their patrons. Without experimentation we would probably be just eating fruit, nuts and berries.


This can be fun if not too intense or obsessive as those negative feelings create poor results. Thomas Edison remarked when he discovered the right conditions to make a commercial quality light bulb - "I didn't fail, I just found 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb". Edison experimented continuously until he found the right light bulb.

Make it Fun

Ever notice how time passes quickly and things seem effortless when you are enjoying yourself? The best quality outcomes occur when we are enjoying our work. Making experimentation fun is the key to perseverence, quality and success. Otherwise step away until you can come back to your experiments relaxed, happy and curious.


New discoveries are challenging. Use scientific method when appropriate, keep accurate written notes, and stay at it. Get help, get advice based on new results, and be safe.

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