Be Patient

It Takes Time to Built Independent Wealth

Don’t be in a mad rush to meet your goals as this will cause mistakes and reduce your motivation. The most important thing is to be content about it. Enthusiasm will create endless energy and Impatience is a sign of an of a restless spirit. Accomplishing your goals on a monthly basis will make you feel better about yourself and improve your self-esteem, but the end goal is unlikely to cure a restless spirit, that comes with how you treat yourself. Nothing can make you content but yourself, while external influences are merely a distraction.

Create Your Own Financial Path

There are no fixed methods or parameters, only guidelines so take the time to experiment with what works for you. After a few months you will settle into a new groove and then I suggest it would be time to move onto the next step.

Set Realistic Financial Goals

Setting realistic goals will be difficult at first. I suggest setting a savings amount based actual surpluses and building a plan from that. This will remove any performance anxiety from unrealistic expectations, allow a relaxed pace of savings.