Follow the Instructions

If an expert gives you advice, follow it to the letter.

If the financial advice you received requires you to find an investment with a yield greater than 5% and you get one with 3.5% then later complain the advice was no good, then who is at fault?


There is no point in accepting advice if you are going to do it your way. Worse still, the expert giving you the advice sees you 'doing it all wrong' then they are not likely to help in future. Hopefully the advice received has ranged parameters to give you some choice. If not then follow it exactly until you become the expert and have the broader knowledge to make educated decisions.


If you find this approach 'boring' then you are gambling with the outcome. You may also lack the self-discipline to solve your problems and you will take much longer to solve your problems, or remain stuck where you are. Follow the advice and experiment later when you become an expert.