The Importance of Goals

Ever tried getting to a destination without knowing where it is? Have you ever gotten to a destination without first knowing where you are now?


A goal (objective) allows a problem to be solved. This can be expressed as a simple equation;


Goal - Current State = Effort Required


Problem Solving Comes Naturally

All animals are problem solvers, it is our natural ability. Find food, prepare food, eat food - all our activities are a constant stream of problems to solve, some easy, some hard, some new, some known. We instinctively feel happy when we solve our problems and our accomplishments bring satisfaction. If we are not solving our problems we decline.

A Goal Provides Direction

Could Dorothy have ever met the Wizard of Oz without the Yellow Brick Road? Maybe, but I bet it would have taken a lot longer. Goals create clear direction and a plan is the path to travel on. Every now and then you need to look down to see if you are still on the path, and get back on it if need be. Have you ever noticed how people without a clear direction wander through life aimlessly and are mostly unhappy? Goals create purpose and increase self-esteem when they are achieved. A lack of goals could lead to self-destruction.


Yellow Brick Road

Be Realistic When Setting Goals

Unrealistic goals create further discontent because they are unachievable. There is no joy because the purpose cannot be fulfilled. Start with easy goals that can be met in short periods of time. Keep setting these easy goals until you understand your limits. Later set challenges that at first glance might seem too hard, but break them up into easy sub-goals that lead to the final result. These sub-goals then become the signs along the Yellow Brick Road that let you know you are still on the path. Breaking up large problems into smaller, manageable goals is the essence of problem solving.

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