Motivation is the incentive and/or reason to do something, and the willingness to act.

Knowing that you can do something is not always that best course of action. Most of us have the ability to learn skills and take on large projects like building a house on our own. That would be a great show of willingness which also needs to be controlled by sharp judgement that questions whether it is worth it. Everyone has different values, different needs and different desires to accomplish within their lifetime so it is fair to say there is not one single answer here.

Factors in Motivation

Various types of ambition and motivation caused someone to build the pyramids as opposed to baking a cake, so ultimately you have to make your own decisions. Here are some things you may wish to consider;



All these factors and their outcomes have a direct impact on how you feel about yourself. A strong sense of self-esteem comes from the faith in yourself to solve a problem while meeting the various success criteria. Self-esteem also comes from a lifeform doing what it considers to be positive for itself and others. Setting an unrealistic and lofty goal will exhaust you if it needs to be done in too short a time. Not meeting all your objectives eats slowly away, constant 'failure' creates stress as your expectations are challenged by the real outcomes.

Learning from Experience

Experience teaches us two things;

Planning Affects Future Motivation

How you plan and how you make choices directly affects your future motivation and self-esteem, so choose wisely.