Project Management


This guide presents the view of the author, and must not be considered the only source of truth.
This guide serves as a primer. If you need further information use any Further Reading Links or get proper advice from a qualified expert.



Consider the following statements;

• Why does every big project have to be project managed?

• What are the key areas of managing a project?

• Can general project management guidelines be applied across any project?

• How can I be a good project manager?

If you agreed with one or more of the above statements then this guide could be for you.


This guide is intended to be a straight forward guide in everyday language. This section is deliberately condensed as something too large won’t be read, and / or put the reader to sleep with waffle.

This guide is not a definitive answer for all problems. It’s a starting point for you to take charge. It is based on personal experience of the authors and as such is point of view. Some sections will work for you and others not – you do not have to agree. Adapt as you see fit, but always remember the lesson and it’s required outcome.