A priority task is one performed before others.

Why is Prioritising Important

Prioritising is helpful as it brings importance to your efforts. This increases the likelihood of you succeeding by ensuring you concentrate on tasks that are critical to a successful outcome.



How to Determine Priority

There are many ways to determine priority:

Importance versus Urgency

One of the most often confused pair of priorities is urgency over importance. Too often problem solvers panic because urgency, e.g. fear or someone else demanding action, takes the place of importance. If something important is required today and another task becomes urgent all of a sudden the important task may not be completed today. Too often important tasks, correctly sequenced tasks, and effort-bound tasks are overridden in priority by urgent tasks. This throws the whole plan out the window and with complex solutions often threatens its completion.


Don't Panic


To avoid the impact of urgency a problem solver just needs to step back from everything for a short moment and THINK. Is the task really that urgent? Can it wait until the right time? Can someone else assist? Can I make up time to work around it? Most often urgent items are not that urgent and can wait.


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