Enjoy Yourself

Accept There Will Always Be Problems

There is nothing worse than having an unresolved problem constantly on your mind while solving problems lowers stress. Once one problem is solved there will be new problems, that is the nature of things, it always has and always will be. If everything stayed the same (which it can't) then problems wouldn't come up in the first place. Accepting that life is a constantly stream of problems and just dealing with them also makes for a lot less stress. Collapse the problem from this large presence to a small 'nothing' at the back of your mind. Make the choice to make it fun, like a puzzle.

Stress is Non-acceptance

It is stress, that stubborn refusal to accept, which makes all lifeforms unhappy. Lowering stress makes life very enjoyable. Non-acceptance of a situation creates a disconnect in the mind, an internal conflict of sorts, where the rational part of the mind will not accept things as they just are. This disconnect irritates us as we want it another way, and don't necessarily want to make an effort to change it. As the irritations grows in size and number the stress levels increase.

A Tool for Letting Go of Stress

Next time a problem arises close your eyes, imagine looking at the floor and imagine it coloured blue just around you. Bring up all the emotions of stress, the powerlessness, the tears, the hurt, the frustration, and wishing things would be different. Give in to these emotions and just sit there and stew for a while. Let yourself get worked up.


Now keeping your eyes closed, imagine stepping to the right about 3 metres. Look down down at the imaginary floor and picture it orange around you. Start thinking about being supremely confident about solving problems, know that you can solve them regardless of how hard they are, remember events where you have solved problems and been better off for it, remember your joy and relief when the problem went away. Take a couple of minutes to bake in these good feelings.


Still with your eyes closed, look back to the left where you were sad and blue from problems. Which would you rather be, orange and confident, or sad and blue? Pretty easy huh? Now walk back to the blue area and pour orange colour all over the blue floor, totally erasing it. Now accept that you are confident when problems arise. Notice now how you are now feeling towards problems in general.

Keep Moving Forward

Whenever something gets you down, look for the problem which needs to be solved and approach it with confidence and joy. Use the technique on this page whenever you require to strengthen your confidence.