Defining Problem Input

The input state of your problem (also known as the "As-Is State") is a very clear definition of what currently exists before you start solving the problem.

The "As-Is" State

This definition creates a clear picture of the current state to work from, and if you require the assistance of others to solve the problem, then it is also a clear picture for them ensuring everyone has the same starting picture.


Define a clear picture of all the relevant aspects of the current state and the list of attributes to define would be similar to that found on the Problem Output page.

Define Just the Starting Point

This definition only describes the starting point, not the process of changing it. Be mindful of the differences. Don't worry if you get a few things wrong, it's just a learning experience which you will get better at after each attempt.

Describe it Precisely

Be as precise as you can, as overlooking certain attributes may impact the output more than you would like. The lesser the detail, the poorer the result. Stick to the facts, and use ranges when you are uncertain. For example that new car you wanted could be cheaper if you trade in your old car. Know all the aspects of your current car to come up with a fair market price. Do your research on its value based on the car's attributes, colour, interior trim, motor, transmission, accessories, fuel economy, performance, condition of the vehicle and the mileage, amongst others, all these attributes affect the market value. Also check the real market as what people ask is not always the price they get.

Have Fun

Have fun doing this, you are taking charge. There will be no regrets when dealing with others because you have done your homework first.