Defining the Problem's Output State

The output state of your problem (also known as the "To-Be" State) is a very clear definition of what will exist when your problem is solved.

The "To-Be" State

This definition creates a clear goal to work towards, and if you require the assistance of others to solve the problem, then it is also a clear picture for them too ensuring everyone has the same vision. How many times have you involved others through word of mouth and had difficulty completing the task at hand? A clear written description of the end state cements the vision in your mind and the people you are working with as aspects can blur or be forgotten over time.


The definition is a clear picture of all the relevant aspects which may include the following;

The Goal Only

This definition only describes the goal, not the process of creating it. Be mindful of the differences. Don't worry if you get a few things wrong, it's just a learning experience which you will get better at after each attempt.

Describe it Precisely

Be as precise as you can, while concentrating on the detail that is important to you. The lesser the detail, the poorer the result. For example you "want a new car". Why not add "with 4 doors", "fuel economy less than the amount I want to spend on fuel a month", "from XYZ, BBG, and HWX car companies" and so-on. If the colour is not important to you then don't bother listing it, same with the number of cup holders, and so-on.

Be Disciplined in Planning

Have the discipline to take the time to plan, this is the most important part of problem solving. This detail makes the whole process more efficient, that is higher quality, less time, less money, and not trying people's patience. Could you imagine starting a journey without knowing where you are going, or buying a house without knowing what you want. We constantly try to solve our problems without really knowing what we want and we are constantly reminded by the poor outcomes. Step up and make a difference in your life. Notice how people who "umm and ahh" through their sentences create a different impression than those that can clearly communicate?

Low Motivation?

If you find yourself challenged by the feeling of "I can't be bothered" you most likely cannot justify the effort for the reward, or worse, have an emotional block created from past event/s. Challenge yourself with some simple problems and work your way up. Jumping straight to "world peace" shows that you are too eager. Start with the skills first and slowly get better while moving onto more complex problems. Give yourself months or even years to improve. Your self-esteem will get markedly better.