Project Management Certifications

PMP Certificate


It is debatable whether project management certification is more valuable than experience? One may argue both sides. In my opinion certification helps a hiring manager to know more about a project manager as it is supposed to set a minimum expectation of skill. This does not mean the project manager is great at project management, it just means they have been certified and show a minimum level of knowledge. Some of the best project managers are NOT certified.


I personally think that it is valuable to get trained in project management principles, or a framework, for they allow a consistency of project management. For those who want to venture into project management, it is great to commence with some basic certification. Do remember that no matter how many certifications one acquires, the ultimate test comes when you actually start managing the projects. At the end it is the outcomes only that are going to allow you to progress in your career to the next level.


Most organisations have their own methodology which is based around an industry-based framework. Certifications do not teach you the soft skills of the trade I mentioned above, you need to gain them through experience and practice alone. Working first as a project co-ordinator under the guidance of a project manager is a great place to start a career in project management.