Performing Research

Research is one of the various ways in which we learn and involves active investigation to find a piece of required knowledge.

What is Reasearch?

It is not possible to learn from others knowledge that has not yet been discovered. New knowledge is discovered by theory and proof, or observation. Both need to be observably repeatable and follow predictable outcomes (with allowance for uncertainty - tolerances).


Scientific method (also known as Science) is a logical, observable and repeatable way of discovery through experimentation. Until it can be repeatedly proven, it is a theory. Scientific method is not the answer but a powerful tool for finding them and can be reliably counted upon. Science only determines what is real, for the unknown we rely on faith.

Why Perform Research?

Sometimes to completely solve a problem a gap in a person's knowledge needs to be filled. Most of the time someone else will have made the discovery and the knowledge just needs to be transferred to the problem solver.



Methods of Research

There are numerous ways to perform research;