Wasting Surplus Funds

Wasting Money


A rarer situation is to earn much more than you spend which may or may not have happened by design. If it didn't happen by design you should be a little concerned as this is a result of good fortune, not planning. In fact if your spending habits happen to change, or your circumstances change, you may start losing money rapidly, so please be aware - track your spending.

Blissful Ignorance or Financial Risk?

This situation is potentially more dangerous than I first thought. It created a sense of over-confidence and the need to monitor my cashflow quickly disappeared. Many times have I created abundance, become cocky and started to overspend, then I lost my momentum (and savings), ending back with little to show for my efforts.

Take Charge or It Will Be Lost

Having excess funds floating around unplanned and without purpose allows it to slip from your control. Structure excess money into useful funds and plan what to do with them. Don’t take action yet, read on.