What is Project Management?

There are many definitions of Project Management out there that explains what the concept is all about. Simply speaking, Project Management can be defined as a structured process which uses appropriate resources from various areas to achieve some clearly defined objectives. We have evolved managing ourselves, so almost everyone would have project managed something significant in their lifetime.  We probably are not even aware of what process we would have applied to define the start and finish of our projects.


A project by itself is constrained by the set dates and times, so we cannot always confirm we have started a project if it is timeless. For any project, there has to be a defined start and end date and how we manage the in-between tasks is what is defined as “project management”. Now some argue that project management is not a science but an art, some would say it otherwise.




Over the course of this topic, I will try and pull together some simple concepts and techniques in project management that can guide any novice or expert in the field of project management. By applying some of the most fundamental / basic project management principles, some of the most difficult tasks can become easier.


The most successful project managers are those who understand what is required at completion, how to utilise the resources and budget on hand, and manage every milestone carefully with proper planning. Do we really believe the great historical inventions did not require the inventor to have applied some project management techniques? They started with an idea and kept pursuing it though they may not have shared their end dates with anyone, but clearly they had goals and objectives. By applying such techniques, we can grow our ideas into concepts and implement them eventually.


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