Why Solve Problems?

Oh Crap


Why? Our skills either grow or decay and the growth and maintenance of skills requires effort. New problems arise all the time and if we don't meet the challenge these issues can pile up and overwhelm a lifeform. Too many issues can be harmful, or in some cases lead to a premature death. Putting off problem solving will only lead to a bigger pile of issues in future and that may be a pile that's too big for some, permanently putting them behind. Tackle a problem a day to stay on top of things and prevent them from becoming too much. When big problems come along your problem solving skills will make it easier to solve.


So why do lifeforms need to solve problems? Simple, to be content, survive and lead the life they require and desire.

Problems are Challenges

Sometimes a lifeform is up against its own limitations and must adapt by improving its skills and knowledge before success can be achieved. These unsuccessful attempts are often called 'failure'. It is in fact a realisation that the desired state has not been reached and the problem has not been solved. Some lifeforms get frustrated and this can lead to frustration and/or the lifeform giving up. Other lifeforms that either enjoy the challenge, or critically need to solve it, keep working on the problem until it is solved. They are going to be more successful than those that give up.

Compromise is Acceptable

There is also the middle ground where the lifeform assesses whether the benefits of the goal are worth the effort to complete it. Sometimes the lifeform adjusts mid-stream to a compromised outcome that still suits its needs. Sometimes reality becomes apparent when trying to tackle the problem, "A paid off house might be better than the billion dollars I wanted". Ultimately it is your choice that matters, nothing else.


Problem Solving Creates Positive Emotions

Most higher lifeforms have emotions which are directly affected by the results of their problem solving. Success instills contentment which if sustained leads to self-confidence and good health. The inability to reach important goals leads to various destructive emotions which if sustained can become despair, poor health, self harm or at the extreme, even suicide.


The need to survive and avoid harm is the most powerful problem solving requirement a lifeform faces. Fear is the (unwanted) result of a real threat assessment. Anxiety is the anticipation of future fear and typically results from constant unsuccessful problem solving outcomes and low self-esteem results.

The Only Constant in Life is Change

Change is assured as nothing in the universe stands still and neither can a lifeform. All matter vibrates, we can simply call this internal heat, so atoms dont stay the same, they affect each other as they bump into each other and combine to make compounds that grow over time. These compounds can be consumed or affect water, we drink the (bad) water and so-on.



The wind blows, water moves, organisms grow, animals move, animals eat, the Earth rotates and moves around the Sun which constantly bombards the Earth with energy. The Earth is awash with change. The Solar system rotates around the galaxy which is moving away from the Big Bang at tremendous speed. Even inside a lifeforms body movement is everywhere, and the need to feed itself always present to maintain its energy. So how is anything staying the same?


Stay active, recognise problems, adapt and flourish.

Habits Can Prevent Problem Solving

A habit is a solution that has worked for a lifeform time and again. Unfortunately a habit will eventually work against it and it will have to adjust by breaking the habit. Problem solving finds the new answer and allows it to be enacted. A habit is formed in humans by practicing it for a 3-4 weeks, after which it comes without thinking about it. Recognise your habits and ask if they are serving you well.